Phentermine being a popular weight loss medication, it is available through different drug companies under different brand names. Some of the popular brand names that contain the active ingredient Phentermine are Adipex-P, Lomaira, Qsymia, and Fastin. These brands are available through different pharmacy outlets, but getting them online is more convenient as you have the choice of drug form, dosages, and even the pricing. You can always compare the different Phentermine brands available and go with the preferred one. User reviews online about the top brands will give you a better idea as to which formulation would be more suitable for you. In this regard, we have shortlisted the commonly purchased and most used Phentermine brands to understand each brand well.

What are the popular Phentermine brands?

  • Adipex-P – This brand of the drug is well-known as it was the name under which the diet pill was first available. The medication is typically available in the form of compressed tablets in the dosage strength of 37.5mg. The drug can even be split if needed according to the effective dosage that works for the user. Those who have difficulty swallowing tablets can get the Adipex-P capsule instead. Although this is a brand name medication of the pill, you can get the drug cheap when using online pharmacies.
  • Lomaira – Lomaira is another popular brand that contains Phentermine hydrochloride. The drug is available in the form of a compressed tablet at the dosage strength of 8mg, of which the equivalent base is 6.4mg Phentermine. The anorectic should be taken only under medical supervision in order to achieve successful and safe weight loss. Lomaira should be coupled with a healthy diet and exercise to overcome the problem of obesity without it affecting one’s health.
  • Qsymia – This is yet another weight loss medication that is popular among those who intend to lose a lot of weight for better health. The weight loss capsules are formulated as a combination of phentermine and topiramate. The dosages of Qsymia available are 3.75mg/23mg, 7.5mg/46mg, 11.25mg/69mg, and 15mg/92mg. The dosage taken should be monitored by the doctor and titrated according to the user based on weight loss results in the first few weeks of treatment.
  • Fastin – This is a commonly prescribed brand form of the drug and it is typically available as 30mg capsules. The drug aids the short-term weight loss plan and works very well when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. Follow the prescription instructions for best results.

While these Phentermine brands are the most popular, you will surely come across other generic variants that are in different forms and dosages. Be sure to consult with the doctor and use the one that is suitable for your weight management plan.