Kathy – Total Weight Loss: 187 Pounds!

I took phentermine 37.5 mg for about six months as I was suffering from obesity and overweight issues. My doctor advised me to take it every day while at the same time instructed me to have a proper diet and exercise regularly. I noticed that I was able to fight back my obesity efficiently. You will not believe that I lost 187 pounds during my weight loss treatment with Phentermine medication.

Tansy – Total Weight Loss: 240 Pounds!

A friend of mine suggested me to take phentermine worrying about my overweight body as I was also having high cholesterol levels. Upon talking this drug for few months, I lost huge pounds and my belly fat also got reduced. It is indeed a best appetite suppressant pill is what all I could say. I lost about 240 pounds with the help of this medication and now I am really thankful to my friend and to Phentermine medication for helping me to regain my confidence level.

Kenny – Total Weight Loss: 89 Pounds!

My spouse suggested me to take Phentermine as she was wary about my health condition. I was very obese and also had high cholesterol levels. She made sure that I followed proper diet and also workouts. Thanks to her and Phentermine 37.5 mg, I started to lose weight. I am very happy to see the weight each time as it keeps on decreasing. I have never thought in my life about losing 89 pounds so easily. I am waiting for the day to fit in my favorite shirt.

Charlie – Total Weight Loss: 82 Pounds!

I had a fracture in my leg so I was not allowed to do any work for 6 months; as a result I put on so much weight. It was very hard for me to lose the weight. My healthcare professional suggested me to take Phentermine pills. I didn’t do vigorous workouts as my leg is still not in proper condition. I did yoga which is definitely a good alternative and I stopped eating junk foods as well as switched to the healthy diet. This medication really helped to lose 82 pounds weight. I am becoming fit and healthy. My mom is very happy about me because of the weight loss