Susan Nancy Body weight before taking the pill: 190 pounds – July 17, 2014

Body weight after taking the pill: 178 pounds – August 10, 2015

I am a ball dancer and used to pay extra care in maintaining a fit and trim body. If not, my dancing won’t pull crowds. Though I used to give guest ball dance performances across various venues, I am a student at heart. I am pursuing my graduation in a local county college. For unfortunate reasons, I couldn’t focus on dancing and subsequently wasn’t able to keep my body weight under control. I gained extra pounds like anything. I encountered many embarrassing situations. I feared that I couldn’t even dance any further and was completely perplexed. Like a god sent the angel, a well-wisher of mine happened to meet me and that’s where the turnaround happened. Looking at my shapeless body she recommended me to take Phentermine pills for at least a month and assured me of extraordinary results. Much to my surprise, she directed me where to buy and that’s where I landed on this site. Abiding by her suggestion, I bought the medicine for a cheaper price and took the medication for just only twenty days. I was able to lose around 12 pounds. All thanks to my beloved friend and the online pharmacy. The pill really worked well in my body.

Ashley Reis

Body weight before taking the pill: 216 pounds – July 03, 2009
Body weight after taking the pill: 177 pounds – October 23, 2009

I am a dancer who has 10 years of experience in the field. Before few years I stopped dancing due to certain reasons. After that, I started to gain a lot of weight. My body became shapeless and as a result of that, I faced many embarrassing situations. It was difficult for me to start dancing again and that is when I came to know about Phentermine weight loss medication. I took the pills along with perfect diet and exercise. Now, I lost 39 lbs very quickly. I am very happy about taking Phentermine pills as I can start to dance again now.

Estefany C.

Body weight before taking the pill: 186 pounds – January 07, 2011
Body weight after taking the pill: 157 pounds – March 13, 2011

I am a 32-year-old woman. I was known for being fit in my high school. Now, after I gave birth to two little children I have put on so much weight. I do not have enough time to spend at a gym to lose weight so I opted for Phentermine medication. I do simple workouts at home or a walk. But, surprisingly the drug was very effective on me. I lost 29lbs and I look slim now. I was worried about my health condition due to obesity but due to Phentermine I have no worry about it.

Kristin Leora

Body weight before taking the pill: 207 pounds – July 03, 2009
Body weight after taking the pill: 172 pounds – October 23, 2009

I am a 28-year-old woman who is going to get married in two months. I was 35 pounds but I should be only 52 for my height. I tried different weight loss methods but nothing seems to work. My friend suggested me to take Phentermine and this is definitely the best decision. I was very worried about my looks in my wedding. But, after taking Phentermine I dropped so many kilos and now I am only 50. I am happy that I would look perfect in my wedding dress. Thanks to this site for providing me the pills.