You have to follow the steps to get a Phentermine prescription using online doctor service:

  • Get a site that is known to provide online doctor consultation. Select a place where you feel more comfortable.
  • You have to fill certain details in the questionnaire regarding your height, weight, BMI, obesity-related problems, personal details and the medications that you are currently taking.
  • It is important to notify your healthcare professional about all the health issues that you are currently facing.
  • The physician would speak to you and collect some details along with examining the reports.
  • If the BMI is above 30 and if they find that the obesity would lead to various medical ailments then they would prescribe Phentermine with the appropriate dosage strength.
  • An online generated medical script for the drug would be provided to you.

Are these physicians qualified enough to prescribe Phentermine pills?

The healthcare professionals those who are working for the internet drugstore would be genuine and qualified similarly to the physician you consult in person. The process of getting the Phentermine prescription from an online doctor alone would be different but the authenticity and legality remain the same. These online doctors would examine your health condition in the same way like a doctor you meet in person.

Can you choose your desired doctor for consultation?

A mail order pharmacy would have tie ups with various healthcare professionals, and all their names, as well as qualification, would be displayed on the site. You can fix the appointment with any of these doctors who are mentioned in the list.

You can talk to them at any time of your choice from home.

Do you need to pay any consultation fee for the online doctor?

There is no need of paying any consultation charge to an online healthcare professional. A legitimate internet pharmacy would take care of this and they would be the one who would be paying the fee on behalf of you. An online doctor service is a boon for many people those who do not have insurance and consultation fee is not affordable for them.

Is it possible to fill the online prescription at the same site?

Yes, you can fill the online medical script from the same site through which you consulted with an online physician. It is also better to get Phentermine from the same site so that you need not worry about the genuine nature of the pills.

A mail order drugstore that offers an online medico consultation option would be genuine.

How many times can you use this online Phentermine prescription?

It is possible to fill up to 12 months with this e-prescription. This medication should be taken for a longer period of time only then it is possible for a person to lose excess weight from the body.

Since a single e-prescription would allow you to buy Phentermine for so many months there is no need to follow this procedure again and again.

Make sure that you refill this weight loss pill from the same site every time as they would have all details about you and you can get the medication very soon to your place.

The whole experience of getting a prescription for Phentermine medication using an internet doctor and filling the medical script would be very comfortable. The refilling process would be much easier.